Are you interested in being a Ver Sacrum Missionary this summer at our International Schoenstatt Center?
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What is your name?

When were you born?

Home phone number?

Cellphone number?

What is your home address?

Please don't forget to include city, state and postal code
Which Summer Camp(s) are you interested in helping with?

It is highly encouraged that you do not commit to more than two week camp sessions. You may commit to as many day camps as you would like.

Have you attended any of our summer camps or weekends before?

Have you been a counselor at our camps before?

Do you belong to a Schoenstatt Girls Youth group?

Have you made your covenant of love?

In a paragraph or two, please share with us what your favorite virtue of the Blessed Mother is and how you would like to bring that specific virtue to the girls at camp.

Please rate yourself in the following...


Ability to make decisions and carry them out...

Team work...

Ability to follow instructions...


Sacrificial spirit...

How much do you enjoy working with children?

Do you play a musical instrument or have any other talent that you would like to share with the girls at camp?

What do you like to do in your free time?

What do you like the most about being a counselor?

In your opinion, what would be the best way to help the girls to grow in their love for the Blessed Mother and for the shrine?

If you are under 18 years of age... Are your parents/guardians aware that you are submitting this application?

If you are over 18 years of age... Have you completed a Safe Environment Training?

Please send in a copy of your ceritifcate to the Youth Office
A Ver Sacrum Missionary is expected to...
- Be able to work together with others and on dependence on the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary who are in charge of the camps
- Participate in games and activities and lead group discussions
- Contribute to keeping a joyful and uplifting atmophere during camp
- Follow the schedule and instructions
- Be reliable and responsible with the girls entrusted to her
- Give her best out of love for our Mother Thrice Admirable!

We will provide two training sessions over Skype. Please note that it is required to attend at least one of the training sessions. These sessions are meant to give a better and deeper understanding of the topics that will be covered during the camps and to give ideas for writing talks and planning games and activities.
Please select the session(s) you will be able to attend...

It is also possible for you to come to the Center for these trainings if it works better for you than connecting through Skype.

It is required for all Ver Sacrum Missionaries to attend the Counselor's Overnighter taking place on June 9th-10th. If, for any reason, you will not be able to attend or if you will only be able to attend on Saturday, please let Sr. María José know after submitting your application.

By signing your name here you agree to the terms stated in this application and confirm that, to the best of your knowledge, all the information you have provided is true. Please understand that withholding or falsifying information will jeopardize your application, and that the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary reserve the right to accept or decline your application.

Thank you for saying yes to the call to be a Ver Sacrum Missionary!
All for our Queen!

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